Loch na Keal Scotland

Loch na Keal extends over 20 km inland, almost cutting through the Island of Mull, named after the Loch na Keal National Scenic Area.

“Loch na Keal consists of a wide triangular shaped outer loch, separated from Loch Tuath to the north by the islands of Gometra and Ulva, leading into a narrow inner loch. The island of Staffa is at the mouth of the outer loch, Inch Kenneth is in the outer loch, and Eorsa is in the inner loch.”

The primary attractions inside the loch is the wide of variety of islands that include Ulva, Gometra, Little Colonsay, Staffa, Inchkenneth, Eorsa and the Treshnish Islands.

Staffa also happens to have one of my bucket list sights, Fingal’s Cave which is known for its natural acoustics and untouched scenery.

Source: Wikipedia

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